Maars Living Walls

Maars Living Walls offer world leading interior wall solutions with a huge range of styles, high performance properties and innovative features to choose from. As the UK’s only accredited Maars dealer we bring our own expertise to the table, to transform your workspace in to one that benefits you and your business.

Designing it your way

Our office design team welcomes your collaboration and great care is taken to listen to all your needs and requirements. Each variety of wall has its own unique style and has its own list of benefits. Further to this the walls can be highly customisable. We can guide you on the options that best fit your needs and advise you on matching colours, shapes and materials to your current or new office style.

A Flexible Work Schedule

The wealth of options serves smaller to larger budgets and allows for projects to be completed in stages that suit you. Wide compatibility between maars products means areas can be easily extended or added to later.

Why use Maars Living Walls?

Acoustic Insulation

Stress tested to ensure excellent performance. Keep calls and meetings private. Reduce stress and improve concentration.

Hygienic Surfaces

Anti-bacterial coatings and flush glazed walls and doors minimise areas that collect dirt and make cleaning easy.

Fire Resistance

The worlds largest selection of fire proof sealed walls and doors. Ensure fire safety without compromise.

How We Work

We problem solve and propose solutions to problems and in turn offer the correct product. We also carryout a full site survey, set out partition lines, if requested, for other trades. We order materials and communicate lead times etc. We manage the loading and logistics of materials and install to suit site conditions and agree sequences.

We are also experienced in assisting other trades for Mechanical and Electrical access within our products.

Hand over

Our team will always work with you during the works and handover, which to us means giving the area back and not closure.

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Double glazed walls with slim profiles.

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Double glazed walls with high acoustic properties.

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Relocatable walls available in multiple finishes.

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Highly economical single glazed wall.

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Self supported room ideal for open plan offices.

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Living Options

Innovative, aesthetic and practical wall solutions.

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As the UK’s only accredited maars dealer, we get to combine our experience and expertise with the architectural innovations and office aesthetics of one of the world leaders in partition walling.